Make Sure Your Well Water Is Safe to Use

Make Sure Your Well Water Is Safe to Use

Schedule well water testing services in Casper, WY

Having a well can add value to your property and help you cut down on your utility bills. Before you buy a property with a well, you'll need to make sure the water is safe to use for drinking and household purposes.

Platte River Property Inspections offers well water testing services to clients in Casper, WY and surrounding areas. We'll take sample information such as sample source, time of collection and filtration status. You'll appreciate knowing that your well water doesn't contain hidden contaminants. Arrange for well water testing services today.

Is the well on your new property up to snuff?

If you've just bought a home with a well on the property, you'll need to make sure it's ready to meet your household needs. The best way to start is with a well water inspection. We'll test the flow rate and more to determine if your well can handle your home's usage.

Seeking an FHA loan to finance your home? You'll need a well inspection for that, too. Schedule an inspection today by calling 307-267-6252.